What we do in easy 11 Q&A!
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What we do in easy 11 Q&A!

What is Media Network Community?

MNC is a large and independent community, free of overhead costs, formed by creative, development, technical and audiovisual teams all over Europe, to provide you a unique virtual solution tailored to your audience.

What are the unique virtual solutions?

The most usual request is a virtual event with live streaming or deferred. We also work on VR and AR integration, for virtual events or audiovisual production. Mobile APPs. Digital humans to be part of a virtual event, or as a virtual influencers, digital gamification and conversational tools.

What is the most demanded virtual solution provided by MNC?

The virtual event is the most demanded service today, because the corporations must keep communicating their transcendental messages to their audiences, now more than ever.

What are the main resources in a virtual event provided by MNC?

The events usually start with a subscription website, save the date and reminder communications, and all the coming soon promotions.

Usually the event needs a content hub to allow participants watch and download, at any moment, all the videos or documents regarding the event.

The key moment is the event day, with a private and secure streaming platform, or a public video conferencing platform such as M. Teams, Zoom, Webex, …

The post event with the making of or the summaries videos and a physical “Thank for participating pack” can make memorable the event, providing a deep mark in the attendants mind.

What are the options to produce a virtual event?

We can produce your project in your premises to make an easier project management, and reach an optimal budget, or we can produce it in a TV set, where the content will be more sophisticated.

Which is the type of virtual solution service provided by MNC?

In MNC we all roll up our sleeves and pitch in, we appoint a project manager for each project who is involved with you from the minute number one until the very end, searching all the resources needed in every production, in your location or in the location where the virtual solution will be produced.

How will the corporate activities be in the next months?

During 2020 year you cannot expose your audiences to any COVID risk; and perhaps for the 2021 year. The best option could be hybrid projects, that is the reason why you have to take advantage of what the digital ecosystem has to offer, working with our unique virtual solutions. Employees, distribution network, final client or stakeholders, demand clear information among this period, as friendly as possible.

What is our coverage?

We offer you a creative and technological community based between Amsterdam and Madrid, with TV studios, technical resources and specialized staff in both cities, and with coverage all over Europe.

Is our digital experience or technical knowledge relevant?

This tale is not about how wonderful we are, or our deep digital background … technology is overrated, because it is a commodity.

What is in this service really relevant?

This tale is about people, … about emotion, … about connection, … about commitment, … it is about understanding you and creating a unique virtual solution, tailored to your audience, because no two are alike.

Could you trust in us?

We’ll be your Sous Chef to help you with your best recipes,… We’ll be your Sherpa to succeed in your expedition. Request a meeting in our virtual agenda and lets have a great idea together!