Tips and best practices to reach a successful virtual event
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Tips and best practices to reach a successful virtual event

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We’ve seen a lot of changes in the business landscape since COVID-19 hit our civilization. After a never seen before period under strict lockdown orders, most of the companies have been forced to reconsider how to stay connected with their audiences, from employees, distribution network, stakeholders to final client, al of them demand clear information, as friendly as possible.


One of the most obvious COVID-19 casualties: the corporate events. Because information surrounding nowadays has been changing so quickly, many event and marketing teams are operating on short notice, wondering if they should replace their upcoming event with a digital meeting at the last minute, or simply cancel the event altogether.


In the last months, we saw Mobile World Congress, SXSW, Google I/O, NVIDIA GTC, NAB and and even 2020 Summer Olympics and the Cannes Film Festival be cancelled. That’s likewise been the case for a host of other events, analyst days, and product announcement events, most of which have gotten scrapped or are in a state of limbo.


The smart companies, including the likes of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Intel, SAP, Qualcomm and others are engaged in a quick pivot in order to create or participate in virtual events in order to still connect with and serve their customers. 


While most of us have experienced some less than stellar digital events, if we’re being completely candid, many of us have also been to some lame face-to-face events as well, and the most possible is that 2020 will be a blackout of conventional events.


And that’s where We see a silver lining. We think there’s a real opportunity here for companies to embrace change and experiment with a different way of doing things — and digital events, when done well, can be awesome.


After the basics every body should have as virtual events mind set, such as have a clear strategy, the earlier you can get planning, the better, or picking the right date and time  based on a little research, always making sure there are no competing events or holidays that would interfere with attendance, we can jump to the event promotion.


Make sure the value proposition is clear in your marketing, share the event details through all of  that channels where your audience is, according to Adobe report, registrations tend to spike two-to-three weeks before an event. So it’s a good idea to ramp up around this time with some “coming soon” videos:

Preventing the tech troubles, before kicking things off, test your Internet connection—and have your speakers do the same. Prepare backups of visuals and presentations in case a file goes wonky or awol. If possible, run a rehearsal. The sooner you identify problems, the sooner you can identify solutions.


Make it inclusive, make sure clear language,  run on an audiovisual concept always better than bored and large speeches trough a power point document, according to Nielsen report, all the audiences pay six times more attention to a storytelling audiovisual content than a conventional content.


Encourage engagement, It’s simple, if you create opportunities for engagement, your audience will be more engaged,  It’s useful to see the outcomes of your engagement.


Virtually every online platform has interactive features, ask people to participate in polls or quizzes, take requests and suggestions, and the most important issue, please connect the real world and every mate in their homes with the virtual event. 


One of the best touch points is to send them a “welcome pack” with a small drink to cheer all together in the event beginning, to take a collective selfie and create a huge mosaic.


Don’t forget, all of us are facing an unprecedented time in human history, a memorable occasion with the audience could leave a deep mark in the mind of each person.


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